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Web positioning: Advantages and Objectives

  1. Quantitative and qualitative website traffic: general keywords allow to generate a lot of visibility and traffic to your website. Our methodology goes further, it is better to have less visits but visits of higher quality that are interested in what the website has to offer.The tactic known as long tail: groups of keywords with less traffic that satisfy a specific need. In this way, the conversions are very profitable
  2. New Market Niche: Based on the search behavior and the keywords.This is very useful for the web positioning in terms of SEO as well as for the Search Engine Marketing (SEM).We frequently discover keywords (needs) that none of your competitors are covering.
  3. Get to first organic positions in search engines and reduce the expenses in advertising: In the long term, you cannot avoid having a SEO strategy to attract traffic. In this growing market, the SME are the ones that launch online projects and invest in SEM. Chances are that the prices increase and small companies run out of  go plazo, es inevitable practicar una estrategia de posicionamiento web orgánico para atraer tráfico web. En este mercado creciente, son más las PYMES que se lanzan a realizar proyectos online y a invertir en <span “>publicidad en buscadores SEM. Por lo tanto, habrá más competidores, subirán los precios y es posible que nos quedemos atrás en recursos económicos.

Our Methodology A profitable natural positioning

  1. The organic positioning (SEO) is a practice in constant evolution. The SEO experts are constantly updated with the changes in the algorithms of the search engines. Google is the main player and is the one that is most followed .
  2. Deep analysis about the search behavior of users. We analyze the customers internally, but also the competitors and your own customers/users. We answer the question: What is the positioning (in  terms of keywords) to be RELEVANT when a user searches the Internet?
  3. OnPage Improvements: This implies all the changes and improvements that we can control and the variables that the company can control. We modify the essential parts of the source code of a web site so Google is able to position it adequately.
  4. OffPage Improvements: One of the ways to improve the positioning is that other websites have a link towards our customer’s website
  5. Results Analysis and reporting. The SEO is a technique that needs to be worked day by day with the creation of quality content

Google Adwords Certification:

Google awards the best professionals in the industry with the Google Adwords Certification. This certificate is obtained through exhaustive tests that Google conducts internationally to the companies and experts. In this manner, Google ismaking sure that the experts and consultants have the needed knowledge to work with the different Google tools. Metacom is proud to be certified in Google Adwords.

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