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SEM Positioning (Google Adwords)

Going further than just clicks: make visitors land in your website through SEM Positioning (Search Enging Marketing).

SEM Positioning Vs SEO Positioning

  1. What is the SEM positioning? The SEO (Search Engine Optimization), organic or natural positioning, is based in executing a series of tasks and tactics (starting with a website analysis) with the objective of gaining a better position in the search results of search engines like Google. The key is that this positioning is natural or organic which means that there are no  sponsored advertisements and the search engine doesn’t charge when the user clicks the link.
  2. What is the SEM Positioning? The SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEM “positioning” or advertising in search engines is based on executing  marketing tactics and online campaigns in search engines. The main objective is the same as the SEO: gain visibility and reach top positions positions in the search engines. The difference between SEO and SEM is that in SEO the positioning is natural or organic, while in SEM it is sponsored. In SEM,  companies pay the search engine to be in the top positions. The difference is that when the users access the website, the search engine charges an X amount of money to the companies. This amount of money is based on: competitors, market, value of the campaign, offers, websites.etc.

SEM Agency & Online Advertising Agency

Metacom (Inbound Marketing Agency) is formed by a team of true experts and consultants. We consider that the online advertising (Google Adwords campagins) is a technique of Inbound Marketing able to attract quantitative traffic to your website but also qualitative traffic. And most important, having an increase conversion rate to sales.

International SEM agency:

Marketing and advertising in search engines

Metacom takes you further in relation to Social Media, SEO, and SEM. We do it hand in hand with Google, Bing and Yandex. With globalization, businesses can sell to other countries. We have executed our services not only in the USA, but also in Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, Portugal and France.

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