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Quality, not Quantity

Quality is what counts. Google algorithms have improved so much that content is essential for a successful website and generating customer leads. Get now your Content Strategy so you can attract users to your blog and convert them to customers.

What is Content Marketing?

  1. Content Marketing means writing articles, this is the most basic and essential step for a Content Strategy. Before, articles were written thinking about the tempo instead of the user. A group of articles were bought every month and the user was pounded with them, repeating information without covering any need for the user. Today, Google wants content with value thinking about the user.
  2. Content Marketing is more than writing articles, it is based on a strategy to cover questions and needs that the users are looking for in Google. The process needs to satisfy search behaviors.

Our Social Content Marketing in 4 steps

We think about our customers to convince Google. An optimal article written can take up to 20 hours of work. These are the key steps:

  1. Analysis of the search behaviors: We investigate what are the keywords that the users look for to offer them content of value.
  2. Creating and adapting the text: Writing the article in a digital format resolving the doubts and adding new information based on the keywords.
  3. Layout: Images and design optimized for SEO. Structuring and editing of the text
  4. Content Perfection: subtitles, titles, bold, cursives, link from the SEO and for the user. Optimization of metalabels and behavior in networks.

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